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Reeling from another devastating blow by Koyt, Lilly’s world is shattered once again. Desperate to find her mother before Koyt can change her into a darkwalker, Lilly must decide how far she is willing to go to get her mother back. If she succumbs too deep, will the darkness overtake her?

Lilly has failed to deliver Koyt to her emissary Ryan, as she and Tread have catastrophically underestimated the ancient vampire. The government’s threat to bomb Spero looms overhead. Lex, her bff, has been diagnosed with leukemia with no hope for treatment. And Koyt has something even bigger waiting on the horizon, something that may destroy them all. In this explosive final installment, Lilly will be pushed to the max and friendships will be tested as Lilly desperately fights to hang on to everyone she loves.

Darkwalker, Book 3, The Sunwalker Trilogy (Ebook)

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