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Release Day

Today's the day! The Keeper's Battalion is finally here.

The wait is finally over!

The thrilling conclusion to the Keeper Archives!

After the elves wreaked havoc on Rastella, Ajax and his friends couldn't imagine things getting worse. The elves ravaged the city, killing and plundering before disappearing. But Lord Striker didn't leave empty-handed; he stole something precious from the kingdom before leaving Rastella to pick up the pieces of his destruction.

With lives hanging in the balance, Ajax and his friends must meet the demands of Lord Striker before time runs out. Join Ajax, Prince Blake, and their friends as they venture through new portals, encounter new creatures, and search for a way to stop Lord Striker from spreading devastation through all the realms once and for all.

Without the help of his medallion, will Ajax be brave enough, strong enough, and smart enough to out-maneuver Lord Striker and save Rastella?

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